Driving Sales Success

Driving Sales Success

Organization Development

Organization Development

Organizational development aligns human capital with sales strategies and business needs.  Accelerate Consulting Group helps its clients design effective sales organizations, clarify sales roles and job design, and create efficient territories to cover the market.  We also support sales management practices that drive productivity and empower businesses to unlock value created by leveraging employees’ knowledge, skills and capabilities.

When an organization is properly structured and correctly aligned with business strategies and key objectives, sales effectiveness and productivity increase.

Organization design

We work with our clients to ensure proper alignment of the sales strategies with the sales team.  We take the time to understand the existing structure including strengths and weaknesses. 

ACG helps develop a sales organization design that ensures there are enough sales reps to cover the market, that the existing team has the skill sets that fit the organization’s approach to market, how many reps should report to each manager, how many levels of sales management should be established, whether there is a need for channel partners, how national account reps should be aligned with territory reps, and much more.  We help clients place the right sales talent, in front of the right clients, to win the right opportunities.

Sales role design/clarification

ACG is able to design effective sales organizations by clarifying roles and job responsibilities.  We review the existing job descriptions, interview the sales management to articulate the job and often participate in sales calls to see the team in action.  The combination of these three processes helps to clearly define the role – both what is being done and what needs to be done to be productive and successful.

Fully comprehending the specific roles and responsibilities of a job also helps when conducting a market assessment of that particular position.  By clarifying the job responsibilities we can more effectively match the job to others on the market and more accurately determine market value for that job.  Clear sales jobs are essential to effectively execute a sales plan and grow your business.

Territory design

A sales team without appropriately defined territories can be a recipe for disaster.  Lack of clear cut territories can result in multiple sales reps calling on the same account, create internal competition instead of focusing on beating the competition, and present other challenges that can hinder sales effectiveness. 

With a thorough understanding of a client’s approach to market, we can help them cover their markets by balancing headcount, account loads, and market dynamics.  Whether the territories are divided by geography, industry or product, clearly understanding the customer and organizing territories around them will enable the sales organization to better execute and grow.

Sales management practices

Once the sales team is in place, we also make sure the organization is equipped with the necessary tools and management practices to drive productivity and unlock the value in its greatest resources – its people.

With out team’s background and expertise, we can help your sales team design effective sales plans, define appropriate sales quotas, have the right tools in place to help you measure results and ultimately increase productivity and drive sales results.