Driving Sales Success

Driving Sales Success

Our Expertise and Approach

Sales Compensation Expertise

Our experience and expertise provides clients with practical tools to address their key human capital challenges.

Our work with clients is characterized by partnership, problem solving and a drive for results.

Client Partnerships

  • Partner with senior management, sales managers, and human resources to tailor practical solutions that they can implement.
  • Transfer knowledge and insights to our clients, enabling them to manage their business better after the engagement is completed.

Problem Solving Expertise

  • Helping clients confront and surmount business challenges that impact the effectiveness of their marketing and sales teams.
  • Navigating clients through major change, whether a new strategy, sales force merger/acquisition, reorganization, or new product launch
  • Identifying and addressing the root causes of sub-par sales performance, including:
    • Inability to attract/retain the right talent
    • Unaligned or poorly-designed sales compensation plans
    • Unfocused sales roles
    • Ineffective sales management practices
  • Eliminating the barriers to growth in areas such as approach to market and sales strategy, sales and marketing organization design, and sales management processes, including sales compensation, quota-setting, and performance management.
  • Understanding the nuances and the interrelation between business strategy, organization effectiveness, and people that, when appropriately aligned, generate top and bottom line results.

A Drive for Results

We advise business leaders and sales management on human capital strategies required to successfully execute their growth plans and achieve their revenue and profit goals.

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