Driving Sales Success

Driving Sales Success


Those of us in the sales world know all too well the importance of results.  At Accelerate Consulting Group, we understand that for a sales team to succeed, you must drive results.  It is extremely difficult to achieve your goals, if you do not align your team with your corporate goals, if you do not design an effective compensation plan, if you don’t execute on your plan, and, ultimately, if you don’t grow your client base and/or revenues.

"The return on investment was huge.  Our compensation was much better aligned with our revenues and our bottom line savings were around $500,000. With the new plan, we were able to align the business development team’s goals with the company’s goals and thus change the culture." 
(G.S., President)

The following are examples of how we have helped organizations across multiple industries align, design, execute, and grow.


When a newly-formed Animal Health organization tried to integrate two distinct sales cultures in order to be competitive in a volatile market, concerns about pay became a disruptive force, impacting overall sales performance.  Learn how Accelerate Consulting Group eliminated pay concerns and increased first-year sales results beyond expectations.


A pharmaceutical sales force's practice of calling on low-volume accounts was inconsistent with the company's new customer segmentation strategy and increased the cost to serve customers.  Learn how Accelerate Consulting Group redesigned the sales compensation plan to execute the new customer segmentation strategy.


An international publisher was relying too heavily on new accounts, and not focusing on renewing and selling deeper within existing accounts.  Learn how Accelerate Consulting Group changed the sales incentive plan to improve customer retention and upselling.